Telegram Privacy Settings

We generally recommend avoiding mobile technology and accounts tied to your phone number. We include Telegram Messenger here only because it has become so popular.

This page gives some suggestions to make Telegram more private. You should specify your privacy settings when you first create a Telegram account, before you start adding contacts or groups.

1. Account Details

From the hamburger menu, open Settings, and make your details more private:

Telegram Messenger settings

2. Privacy and Security

From Settings, tap Privacy and Security.

Telegram Messenger Privacy and Security settings

2.1. Configure Privacy

In the Privacy section under Privacy and Security:

Telegram Messenger Privacy settings

2.2. Configure Security

Scroll down to the Security section under Privacy and Security.

Telegram Messenger Security settings

2.3. Configure Contacts

Scroll down to the Contacts section under Privacy and Security.

Telegram Messenger Contacts settings

3. Proxy Settings

3.1. Types of Proxy

If you are in a country that blocks Telegram Messenger, you will need to configure a proxy server. Several choices are available for censorship circumvention, especially if you use Telegram Desktop.

3.2. Configure to Use Proxy

We will illustrate the example of MTProxy on Android. From Settings, tap Data and Storage. Scroll down, and tap Proxy Settings.

Telegram Messenger Data and Storage settings

Toggle Use Proxy to the ON position.

Telegram Messenger Proxy settings

Enter the proxy details for your MTProto or SOCKS5 proxy.

Telegram Messenger Proxy details

Save the settings with the check mark. Go back to the Proxy Settings screen. It will take a few seconds to connect to the proxy.

Updated 2020-10